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Settlement Information last updated on July 28, 2005:
The claims filing deadline is closed, effective February 21, 2005. Claims sent after February 21, 2005 will not be accepted.

For more information on the Settlement, please contact us by one of the following methods below:

Call Toll Free




Please include your name and mailing address and the nature of your request in all written requests. Mail to:

Microsoft Products Settlement – Massachusetts
P.O. Box 4169
Portland, OR 97208-4169


For questions regarding Cy Pres, please call us toll free at:


Court Documents

Court documents, including the Settlement Agreement, are available from the Court during regular business hours at: Superior Court for Middlesex County, 40 Thorndike St, Cambridge, Massachusetts 02141. Applicable copy fees will apply.

The Clerk's Office is not permitted to give legal advice. Please do not call the Clerk's Office.



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