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Advanced controls, only for more proficient users!

Shift + Del deletes a file directly, without putting it in the Recycle Bin

Windows key + Shift + Any Numeric Key opens a new instance of an app and docks it to the position you determine for it in the taskbar

Windows key + Control + Shift + Any Numeric Key repeats the previous command but with Administrator permissions

Up to here, all of the commands are new. But some survived the Window 10 upgrade. If by any chance you do not recall them, here is a quick refresh:

windows 10

Various commands that are old acquaintances of ours windows 10 free

windows 10 safe mode

Windows key + D: shows the desktop

Windows key + Home : minimizes all windows except the active one

Windows key + L: locks your PC

Ctrl + Shift + M: maximizes all minimized windows (useful after Win + D)

Windows key + E: opens Windows Explorer

Alt + Up arrow: goes up one level in Windows Explorer

Alt + Down arrow: goes down one level in Windows Explorer

Alt + Right arrow: goes to the next folder in Windows Explorer

Alt + Tab: switches from one window to the next

Alt + F4: closes the active window

Windows key + Shift + Left or Right arrow moves a window to another screen (if you have one)

Windows key + “,” (comma key) closes apps temporarily to show you the desktop

Windows key + T shows a small view of the windows in the taskbar

Windows key + Any Number Key opens the window docked in the taskbar in the position that you determine

Was this guide helpful for you? I so, share it. Or, did we forget a command? In which case, let us know in the comments.

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