At the end of October Microsoft will Stop Computers Pre-loaded with Windows 7/8.1 Version

微软将于月底停止销售预装Windows 7/8.1的电脑

If you want to buy a new computer, but don’t want to use window 10 versions, then you‘d better hurry up , because this end of the month is the last sales period Windows7 and Windows8.1.  On October 31, you can buy both the last day of the new computer operating system, Microsoft will focus on new configuration and development of Windows 10 version. On that date, Oct. 31, 2016, Microsoft officially declares Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 dead, at least as far as large OEM PC makers are concerned. Although this month is deadline of Windows 7 and Windows8.1 computer sales, but this does not mean that these computers will disappear immediately. All spot also will continue to sell, but from November 1 will no longer use the system to configure anew computer.

In addition, the sale does not affect the system update service is stopped, Windows7 and Windows8.1 will continue to enjoy the system update service until January 2020 and January 2023.

Terminated sale refers to this version of Windows systems are no longer shipped toretailers and original equipment manufacturers, such as Dell and Toshiba. Microsoft explained

“what is worth mentioning is that when retail software products after discontinuation of sales, before the deadline we can still buy windows 7/8.1 computer sales in the original equipment manufacturer (computer company)

Beginning Nov. 1, Microsoft’s largest partners, the so-called royalty OEMs like Dell and HP and Lenovo, will no longer be able to build and sell new PCs running any version of Windows except Windows 10.

The end of the Windows 7/8.1 sales lifecycle doesn’t mean that those older versions of Windows will be completely dead, of course. As I’ve explained in the past, the support and sales lifecycles are completely different.

Windows 10 will become the only preloaded systems on the new computer and Microsoft hopes that through this initiative promoting the use of new operating systems. Microsoft had planned to achieve 1 billion PCs installed Windows10 systems to 2018but recently said  Windows 10 Plan slowing trend, they may not be achieved.

This terminates the results of sales remains to be seen, but if the consumer had no choice but to Windows 10, then probably Windows10 installation rates will rise.


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