Office 2016 64bit version of for Mac is officially released

The Office 2016 64bit version of  for Mac is officially released and distributed by Automatic Updates. Pay attention to performance improvements and add-ins

Microsoft has officially started distributing Office 2016 for Mac 64bit. It can be distributed by the automatic Update function sequentially and update it. You can also manually obtain and upgrade the updater.
The 64bit update includes all Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and OneNote in Office 2016 for Mac and, of course, office 2016 mac 64 bit, applies to all editions, such as Volume licensing.

The Office 2016 for Mac 64bit version is available in April, and many of you may have been waiting for it. Microsoft said office for Mac 64bit added some new features to improve performance.

Office 2016 64bit version of for Mac is officially released

Basically, updates will be notified automatically, but if you don’t notice or wait, you can also get an updater for manual installation. If you want to hurry, you may choose to do this.

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Note that some of the add-ins that work with the 32bit version of Microsoft may not work in the 64bit version. In the case of the software for business use (whether there is a Mac version or not), because there is often no version up correspondence, if you are an IT professional in your company, you may need to notify them to defer updates to your organization, office for mac 2016 update, and you might want to respond to them first.

By the way, Microsoft is still trying to provide a 32bit version of Office 2016 for Mac. This is a pattern that only provides manual updates. Microsoft also shows you how to update to 64bit and then return to the 32bit version again.

What’s the difference between a 32-bit and 64-bit?

Office 2016 64bit version of for Mac is officially released1
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For most Mac users, the word “64-bit” is no stranger, and Apple’s old PowerPC G5 is a 64-bit architecture. From Snow Leopard, Apple has been pushing up the use of 64-bit software. The A7 processor used on the iphone 5s is also upgraded to 64 bits, which is of great significance. In addition to Apple, many third-party applications support 64-bit architectures.
In short, whether it is hardware or software, from 32-bit updates to 64 bits have extraordinary significance. From a software standpoint, this update brings a lot of benefits and has a wide impact. The simplest and easiest to understand is that the main advantage of updating to 64-bit calculations is that the software can get more addressable space. In general, 32-bit systems can support maximum 4GB of memory, office 2016 mac update download, while 64-bit systems are up to 16 ai bytes (16 million megabytes).

The growth of addressable memory is virtually unlimited, at least in the foreseeable future. It can bring new features, lifting large databases on the size and complexity of barriers, and may also improve performance.
But put on office for Mac 2016 here, the answer may be that most users don’t find these changes. Applications such as Excel may be able to handle larger spreadsheets, and the performance of the entire Office suite should be elevated.
Possible impacts
64-bit Office for Mac in user evaluation may differ, the impact on users may be good and bad, it depends on the user needs software to do what. What is the bad one? compatibility issues.
As mentioned above, office 2016 professional plus product key, although most users can smoothly transition, the Office for Mac is in a giant ecosystem consisting of third-party plugins, macro commands, scripts, and templates. Many of them require a developer update to support the 64-bit Office for Mac.
Perhaps some high-popularity plug-ins will soon update support, but some smaller projects may not have enough developer resources, it is impossible to quickly update to keep up, and even will never have an update compatible day. So if you are using a lot of third-party plug-ins or macro commands, then check out their 64-bit compatibility before updating them to 64 bits and avoid inconvenience.
At present, Microsoft has been facing the office Insider Fast Channel pushed the first version of the full 64-bit Office 2016 for Mac, the update version number is 15.25 (160630), but Microsoft has not announced the new version of the official on-line time.

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