Microsoft Consumer Settlement Information

Google cancel to build a modular mobile phone plan; Visa will be the first test block chain settlement payment system; Microsoft machine learning technology used in the development of the refrigerator

9点1氪:Google 取消打造模块手机计划;Visa将首次测试区块链结算支付系统;微软将机器学习技术用于研发冰箱


Google decided to  cancel to build a modular mobile phone plan

Visa will be the first test block chain settlement payment system; Microsoft company used  machine learning technology used in the development of the refrigerator.

Google announced the suspension of Ara Project program, which is a module to build a mobile phone project, that is, the user can remove and assemble the various modules of the phone as the same as removing the battery

Google said it might be authorized by this technology, but its own will not produce such equipment. Although Ara Project’s business outlook is not clear, but this message is still surprising, because Google early this year, the developer conference also vigorously promote this product

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Visa will be the first test block chain settlement payment system

Visa will be the first test block chain settlement payment system

International credit card organization Visa days before the announcement, the block chain (blockchain) technology will be applied to the inter bank settlement and payment. This test will be carried out by Visa Collab Visa London Innovation Center Europe, the latter will work with the Canadian block chain technology startups Group BTL. Visa plans to use BTL’s inter bank settlement platform Interbit to assess whether the block chain technology can reduce the cost, settlement time and credit risk of inter bank international transfers.

2016 Microsoft Products Settlement

Settlement Information  Updated on our website:

A settlement has been reached in an antitrust class action lawsuit against Microsoft about certain Microsoft software (Windows, MS-DOS, Office, Excel, Word, Works Suite or Home Essentials 97 or 98 products) acquired by consumers, businesses and Iowa state and local government entities for use in Iowa. Under the terms of the settlement, Microsoft will provide up to $179,950,000 in cash payments to consumers and in vouchers to volume licensees and/or Iowa state or local governmental entities that can be used towards the purchase of computers, peripheral computer hardware, and software.

Microsoft, headquartered in the United States is a multinational technology companies, is the world’s PC (Personal Computer, personal computer) pilot machine software, founded by Bill Gate and Paul Alan in 1975, the company is headquartered in Washington, Redmond (Redmond, near Seattle). To develop, manufacture, license and provide a wide range of computer software services.

The most famous and popular products for the Windows Microsoft operating system and Office Microsoft series software, is currently the world’s largest computer software provider

The word “Microsoft” is composed of two parts: “Microcomputer” and “software”. Among them, the source of the “micro” is microcomputer “micro computer”, and “soft” is the abbreviation of software “software”, which is named by Bill Gate.

Microsoft in December 1999 30 and reached the highest market value of $661 billion 600 million in human history, the listed company records, if you count inflation, the equivalent of $913 billion in 2012. Since 1999 by the U.S. Congress antitrust investigation, Microsoft’s share price is extremely frustrated, otherwise the estimated to be able to break through $850 billion.

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Microsoft and class counsel have reached proposed settlements of lawsuits pending in a number of states (listed below) in which plaintiffs have alleged that Microsoft unlawfully used anticompetitive means to maintain a monopoly in markets for certain software, and that, as a result, it overcharged consumers who, during specific time periods, licensed in the United States for use in the specific states below Microsoft’s operating system software and/or certain of Microsoft’s applications software. Microsoft denies these allegations and maintains that it developed and sold high-quality and innovative software products at fair and reasonable prices.

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